Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Gone Wrong

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Surgeon and are allowed legally to preform some of the same procedures as a plastic surgeon such as breast augmentation how crazy is that?? ASK ASK ASK are you a board certified plastic surgeon? if they talk to someone who actually cared . I am only now realizing so much of the wrong that has been done. I CANNOT .The bruise then spread quickly and she called another physician to help her diagnosis what was wrong with her breast. Later that day the implant then protruded out of the bottom of her breast. This was a case of plastic surgery gone wrong. It turns out that the surgeon was a newbie. He did not know what he was doing..Some women are simply unhappy with the cosmetic result of their surgery, wishing they had gone larger or smaller. Breast implant problems do have solutions. There is no reason to suffer with painful or cosmetically unsatisfactory implants. In some cases, insurance may cover the cost. Dr. Joshua Lampert, board certified .