Pediatrician Vs Family Doctor

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Should you choose a pediatrician or a family medicine doctor for your child? A look at the pros and cons, and tips on how to find the best care for your child..When choosing between a pediatrician or a family care doctor, you should be prepared in several areas. It 's totally acceptable during this process to speak with multiple doctors, both pediatricians and family care practitioners..I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about taking your baby to a family practice doctor versus a pediatrician? The family doctor does see kids on a regular basis.Thanks!.I asked my OB yesterday if I should look for a pediatrician or a family practice doctor for the baby, hoping he could help since I like the idea of a family practice doctor to stick with as long as possible but I also imagine some FP docs don 't love to work with babies and younger children. He was no help, saying .