Parinaud Syndrome Usmle

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Parinaud A two-year-old infant is noted to have paralysis of upward gaze. An image is shown. Introduction. Bilateral paralysis of upward gaze as a result of a midbrain tectum lesion. commonly a pineal tumor. May cause obliteration of the CSF pathways and cause symptoms of an elevated ICP. Presentation. Symptoms..Parinaud 's syndrome, also known as dorsal midbrain syndrome, vertical gaze palsy, and Sunset Sign, is an inability to move the eyes up and down. It is caused by compression of the vertical gaze center at the rostral interstitial nucleus of medial longitudinal fasciculus riMLF . The eyes lose the ability to move upward and .M confused wat does parinaud syndrome cause? conjugate vertical gaze paralysis or upward gaze palsy? or both? parinaud seen in pineal germinoma . any other condition?.