Pain Between Ribs And Hip

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Flank Pain Definition. Medical researchers define flank pain as a discomforting sensation arising in the flank. Flank refers to the region lying between the hip and the last rib. Pain in the flanks may be any of these two types: Unilateral - Pain in right or left flank; Bilateral - Flank pain on both sides .The flank is the area on the sides of the body between the lower rib and hip bone, including the front and back aspects of the torso. It is commonly referred to as the side. Pain can radiate to the back or flank because of a problem in any of the nearby organs, or it may arise due to a neuromuscular condition..What is on the left side of the body below the rib cage above hip bone, actually hurts to lie on the left side, like laying on a rocks. I wish I could tell you what 's causing your pain, but there are many possibilities. An ovarian cyst can cause pain like you describe, and so .