Package Handler Gloves

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I go thru a pair or mechanix or FG 's in if i apply duct tape and save em. For us package handlers if you use any what brand has been worth .A favorite among package delivery professionals around the world, this industrial grip glove features our patented Diamondclad silicone fused palm for maximum grip. Best uses include but are not limited to industrial package handling delivery, auto repair, glass, metal, ceramic handling, hand power tool operation..I work as a package handler for ups. I move about 1140+ packages a day, with an average package weight of 25 american pounds. For those wondering .For those of you who work as package handlers for companies like UPS, FedEx, and USPS as well as other warehousing applications. Keep reading to find out more about gloves that would be perfectly suited for packaging or warehouse applications. Tsunami Grip 500G Lightweight Nitrile Coated Work .