P Wave Morphology

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Characteristics of the Normal Sinus P Wave. Atrial abnormalities are most easily seen in the inferior leads II, III and aVF and lead V1, as the P waves are most prominent in these leads. This produces a biphasic P wave with the initial positive deflection corresponding to right .The P wave morphology can reveal right or left atrial hypertrophy or atrial arrhythmias and is best determined in leads II and V1 during sinus rhythm. Characteristics of a normal p wave:[1]. The maximal height of the P wave is 2.5 mm in leads II and / or III; The p wave is positive in II and AVF, and biphasic in .The P wave in lead II in a normal heart is typically rounded and upright in appearance. Changes in shape must be reported. This can be an indicator that the locus of stimulation is changing or the pathway taken is changing. P waves may come in a variety of morphologies i.e. rounded and upright, peaked, flattened, notched, .Objectives. The purpose of this study was to perform a detailedysis of the P-wave morphology PWM in focal atrial tachycardia AT and construct and prospectively evaluate an algorithm for identification of the anatomic site of origin..