Overwatch Running Slow

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Woke up two days ago and my Overwatch games were suddenly borderline unplayable. Everything from the start-up loading screen to the in-game sound effects and music were lagging and slow. The game itself runs at 10-20 frames per second. It takes me five seconds to hover over the 'play ' button on .This article helps out users on dealing with the slow and full of lags issue they face while playing the popular game Overwatch on their computer..So I wake my computer from sleep mode, and opened the Battle.net launcher, and Overwatch decides to update itself. Soon like 2 minutes after , I .TaintedEon 1 year ago#6. Last night randomly, my game hardlocked on startup and had an extremely slow time loading up, to the point that the chat on the menu was all numbers/loading and there were no winter characters in the background. That ever happen to you?//steamcommunity.com/id/PlacidDREAMS/ .

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