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Particle Barrier behaves differently compared to normal barriers, acting more like additional Health than Reinhardt 's Barrier Field. Damage and effects froms that normally pass through a barrier, such as Winston 's Tesla Cannon, will still be absorbed by Particle Barrier. As long as Particle Barrier has at least 1 Health .View Post. Zarya is a public figure. Not out of the question to do something like that under stricter dress codes than normal in an attempt to stay recognizable, especially in combat. In a place where everyone is buff, the most buff must do things to prove their strength. Like dying their hair and getting a tattoo..Lots of Overwatch fans read the game 's proud, pink-haired Russian lady sol.r Zarya as. While perhaps not a huge deal on its own, that interpretation conflicts with homophobic views widely held in Russia and backed by the state, forcing Russian Overwatch players to reconcile two clashing .

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