Overwatch Character Height

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Mei is probably 5 '3 looking at the lineup of heroes here considering Tracer is 5 '4. For anyone curious, character height and all that can be found in this link://us.battle.net/overwatch/en/media/. Just scroll down to "Reference kits" and look through. It shows the height for most of the characters. permalink .This may seem a bit oddball of a thing to ask, but I was curious--what is each character 's height? There 's several characters on the wiki that are missing this information and, for sake of completeness, I 'd like to know. I fully admit, this bothers me more than it probably should . Siri 253 posts Siri. Ignored..The reason is: the hero 's height are noted in the kits in official page, but for some reasons, Genji, D.Va, Mei final 3 heroes before release didn 't have their height written in their kits. All heroes released after have not has reference kits, but Doomfist have his height listed on a panel presentation SDCC 2017 Overwatch .