Overwatch Audio Issues

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Same problem here on PC, but the cracking/robotic sound is not only ingame, its in the menu as well. It 's a terribly annoying noise, I play without sound now : Closed all background apps and drivers are up to date. Nothing is changed in the system and the problem is only in Overwatch. makah 3 posts..This problem began happening to me recently. Whenever I join a game ofmatch, Teammatch, or Competitive, every time a fight breaks out the audio becomes horribly static and cuts in and out. For the duration of almost all of my matches, sound effects and music are either delayed or not played at all..How to fix Stutter/Lag/Crackling Sounds/Drop Outs in Windows Sound/Audio high DPC latency problem .My friends and I keep encountering issues with the audio where we 'll just randomly lose a lot of audio in between games or our first game .