Orthographic Dyslexia Treatment

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There is orthographic dyslexia. This occurs when someone has average or above average phonemic awareness, but they can 't translate that ability to the written word. I always look at the writing firstit tells me everything I need to know about what the child understands about the written language..I have teachers at my kids ' school that refer parents to me as they don 't know how else to help their students in a normal classroom and modification is not enough for them to succeed and does not allow them to function to their potential. Tutoring is not enough for kids that are unable to process, but the treatment that Applied .For example, at the sound/syllable/word level, a student could be taught to associate reading and spelling of certain orthographic and morphemic patterns in The Dyslexia Training Program e.g., Beckham Biddle, 1989 is a reading intervention program that uses direct and systematic instruction to teach reading and .