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A premature beat arising from an ectopic focus within the AV junction. Premature contractions "ectopics" are classified by their origin atrial PACs , junctional PJCs or ventricular PVCs . Junctional ectopics are much less common than PACs or PVCs..A premature junctional complex PJC is an abnormality seen in the presence of an underlying sinus rhythm. It is an aberrant impulse that originates in the atrioventricular junction junctional tissue and occurs early or prematurely before the next expected P wave. This prematurity makes the rhythm irregular or "regular .Part I. PJC 's and Escape Beats may occur for a number of different reasons i.e.,t, fatigue, stress, disease, ischemia; Premature complexes and Escape Beats frequently occur in bradycardic rhythms, but may occur almost any time. Morphologically there is no difference between PJC 's and Escape Beats. junctional ecg .