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Private jet not required. You don 't need to be rich or a professional investor to buy into startups, though you should know the risks. You can support a friend, a business you care about, or a company working in your area of expertise. With Netcapital, you get access to companies and entrepreneurs without all the networking, .Netcapital Systems, LLC Netcapital , which is neither a funding portal nor a broker-dealer, runs this web site. Sections of the web site are operated by Netcapital Funding Portal, Inc., which conducts all 4 a 6 offerings as a funding portal registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission SEC and as .Net Capital is a measure of a broker dealer 's liquidity. All broker dealers are required to maintain .The uniform net capital rule is a rule created by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission "SEC" in 1975 to regulate directly the ability of broker-dealers to meet their financial obligations to customers and other creditors. Broker-dealers are companies that trade securities for customers i.e., brokers and for their own .

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