Nemesis Drops

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Ok i down loaded Resident evil 3 onto my PS3 it plays good and everything but when i beat Nemesis he doesnt drop anything Does anyone have any ideas? Oh im playin on easy i dont know if that has any thing to do with it or not .This was the only plce i could think of to ask .Been reading through several threads and FAQs big, BIG thanks to Da Dood, friendlydude, Lovethepython and Spoofer for providing excellent and detailed information throughout the years , and it seems the general consensus is that enhanced handgun ammunition and its guaranteed stagger/stun frames are more .No. It 's every encounter for 7 encounters. RPD outside eagle parts a RPD inside eagle parts b Restaurant/News Building first aid box Fire hose used in streets shotgun parts a Forked grassy path to train shotgun parts b Ledge [use the cord] first aid box #2 Tentacle love 2.0 assault rifle or infinite ammo .Hard Mode - Fighting Nemesis every encounter Nemesis ALL item drops: 1. Eagle Parts A 2. Eagle Parts B .