Natural White Sapphire Engagement Rings

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A natural white sapphire rests within a heart at the center of this romantic ring for her. Diamonds trace the split sterling silver band and provide extra shimmer. The fashion ring has a total diamond weight of 1/20 carat. Diamond Total Carat Weight may range from .04 - .06 carats. Sapphire is commonly subjected to .White sapphires are the best for replacing the expensive diamonds. Create a white sapphire engagement ring with these ideas we provide you with..White sapphire engagement rings are an excellent alternative to diamond engagement rings. Our white sapphires are chemically pure, without any other elements to alter their color, and are in fact far more rare than diamonds..White Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Very Durable. Sapphire is a hard and scratch resistant mineral, so white sapphire engagement rings are very durable. On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, a sapphire is rated as a 9. This makes it the second hardest natural stone used in jewelry. A diamond, which is the .