Mydayis Vs Adderall

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I noticed some people on here are not getting the right strength when converting from Vyvanse or Adderall. To the person who 's doctor switched you from 70 of Vyvanse to 25mg of Mydayis - your getting less medication! That 's why it 's not working for you. You should be taking 50mg. You will notice a BIG difference!" .While Mydayis has a triple-bead release action, the Adderall XR capsule contains two types of drug-containing beads designed to give a double-pulsed delivery of amphetamines. This action prolongs the release of amphetamine from Adderall XR compared to the conventional Adderall immediate-release .Adderall is a combination of four different amphetamine salts and is used for the treatment of ADHD or narcolepsy. Mydayis - Prescribed for ADHD..So I recently went in to my psychiatrist; and we were talking about my ADHD/ADD medicine and I decided to switch from Vyvanse, to a drug that had a little levoamphetamine in it. I told him that I wanted a drug that had levoamphetamine such as Adderall or Evekeo; and it would be preferable, but not .