My Favorite Things Worksheet

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Elementary Education ActivitiesDaily 5 ActivitiesGet To Know You ActivitiesTime Capsule SchoolTime Capsule KidsTeacher Favorite ThingsMy Favorite ThingsDaily 5 WritingKids Writing. Time capsule "My favorite things" worksheet. Can use during Daily 5 writing time, students can also interview each other and write down .My favorite toy. My favorite sport. My favorite animal. Page 2. My Favorite Things Worksheet 2. Item 4229b. Name. Copyright 2002, 2007 T. Smith Publishing. All rights reserved. My Favorite Things. Draw a picture of your favorite thing and write a sentence or two explaining your choice. My favorite .Old. I am in ______ grade. I like the color_________________. I like to read books about. , and . My favorite animal is_______________________. I like games like. and . I watch. on TV. My favorite movie Is . My favorite sport is______________. My favorite sports team is_______________. My hobby is . When I grow up I .