My Dog Had A Seizure And Now Cant Walk

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My dog suddenly ignored me and then my grandmother told me that our dog had a seizure then he vomitted and pooped and he can 't move his back legs. What does this mean? My dog is My 3 year old springer has been taken fits for 4 month now but it just seems to be evey time we go a walk. It 'd never in the house what .My dog had a seizure and can ' 't walk. Her eyes When I came in the house, my daughter had her on the couch and was holding her next to her. In fact, given that she was vaccinated just yesterday, it might be best to give her benadryl now, just in case there is in any way due to a reaction to the vaccines..Picked him Monday morning and since then he hasnt been the same he paces endleesly around house bumping into things walking into glass doors tries to fit in small areas very weak But, it doesn 't really make sense that this happened just after having some cluster seizures unless the doctors had increased his dose..