Med Peds Vs Family Medicine

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This question is asked of us very often. Much of the difference between Med-Peds training and Family Medicine training depends on your perspective and your personal career goals. Med-Peds is a four-year curriculum that focuses on two specialty areas, internal medicine and pediatrics..Your med-peds training allows you to follow patients from birth to but no obstetrics or gynecology . You can care for all organ systems and all stages of disease but without as much training in psychiatry . Congratulations! You 've just re invented family practice except for the above shortcomings ..I had planned on going into Family Medicine throughout the better part of medical school, but late in third year discovered the combined specialty Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Med-Peds . How was I supposed to explain my interest in this four year program to my friends, mentors and, toughest yet, .In my opinion, those who choose med-peds over family practice were probably not given enough hugs as children. Or perhaps their parents have not told them that they are proud of them. From my experience, most of the people at my med school who are the professed "med-peds people" have parents .