Mccree Height

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No, but i had some free time and i was browsing overwatch wiki. 2.23 m/7 '4" - Reinhardt; 2.2 m/7 '3" - Bastion; 2.2 m/7 '3" upright - Winston; 2.2 m/7 '3" - Roadhog; 1.95 m/6 '6" - Junkrat; 1.95 m/6 '5" - Zarya; 1.85 m/6 '1" - Pharah; 1.85 m/6 '1" - Reaper; 1.85 m/6 '1" - Sol.r: 76; 1.8 m/5 '11" - McCree; 1.75 m/5 '9" .Height: 1.85 m / 6 '1" McCree had already made a name for himself as a member of the notorious Deadlock Gang, which trafficked in illicit weapons and military hardware throughout the American McCree appreciated the flexibility afforded to the clandestine Blackwatch, unhindered by bureaucracy and red tape. But as .That slouch really hides his height! And I 'm not calling you a liar, but where did you get these numbers? I know the official reference kits in the media section has most of them, but I couldn 't find a listed height for Ana, Genji, Mei or D.Va there. Said reference kits also say McCree 's 6 '1 and Pharah 's 5 '11, .Try to gain some vertical height before using Deadeye, as this will let you get more vision of targets hiding behind cover. Be aware that McCree is extremely easy to kill while using Deadeye, so watch out for enemies like Widowmaker or Sol.r: 76 who can burst you down before you even have a chance of lining up your .