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Thirded and I just deleted the Marfan reference. I knew Joey and his family a bit, and once very specifically asked Joey 's brother Mickey if Joey had Marfan syndrome. He 'd never even heard of it. So I 'm not saying it 's impossible he had this, but if he did it was undiagnosed. Not signing my .Joey stood at six feet six inches tall, with a long shock of black hair that almost completely obscured his face, and an ectomorphic form a result of being born with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that produces a gaunt body structure, with elongated limbs and distorted facial features . Joey had a .Marfan Syndrome - Joey Ramone, of course! Look at his hands and overall build, shape, his proportions..

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    Talk:Joey Ramone This is the talk page for discussing and once very specifically asked Joey's brother Mickey if Joey had Marfan syndrome..

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    Considering its rarity, Marfan's has more than its fair share in the hall of fame - especially musically. There's the composer Sir John Tavener, Sergei Rachmaninov, Niccol Paganini, Joey Ramone and Jonathan Larson, the writer of Rent. Others believed to have the condition include Abraham Lincoln, Tutankhamun and Mary, Queen of Scots..

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    Joey Ramone was born on andd on . Joey Ramone would have been 49 years old at the time of or 64 years old today..

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    Joey Ramone - , born as Jeffry Ross Hyman, was a singer and songwriter, lead vocalist of the legendary punk rock group The Ramones. A member from their inception in 1974, until their retirement in 1996 he and bandmate Johnny Ramone were the two original members to never leave the band , he was an iconic .