Marfan Syndrome In Athletes

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Isaiah Austin, a star basketball player from Baylor University, was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome in the weeks prior to the 2014 NBA draft Figure 1 . However, the diagnosis was uncertain as he was not considered to have many of the outward features..Braverman, A. C. 2015 . Recognzing marfan syndrome in athletes. Retrieved from///latest-in- cardiology/articles/2015/03/02/13/03/recognizing-marfan-syndrome- in-athletes. Davis, C. K., Dyar, D. A., Vargas, L.A., Grossfeld, P. D. 2015 . Cardiovascular and musculoskeletal assessment of elite US .Annual evaluation of the eyes and heart to identify any new abnormalities or changes from previous evaluations. Athletes with Marfan Syndrome should avoid strenuous activities that could put them at risk for aortic rupture. If Marfan syndrome is diagnosed, athletes are disqualified from competitive athletics..