Male Urine Stream Not Straight

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Of course, there are simpler reasons why your stream isn 't always straight. "If a man who has a normal, intact without any issues experiences this from time to time, it 's probably related to how badly he has to pee or how much urine he has to get out," Carmack says. "If you 're urinating with low-pressure [because you .Anything that distorts the way the urine flows will affect the way the stream comes out of the. It is quite common to experience occasional deviation or spraying. For example, if there is a little stickiness at the meatus, the stream can come out in two streams or as a spray. This is nothing to worry about if it happens only .I have at least different streams that shoot out every time I piss. I do not masturbate. One stream goes the right direction, out. The other stream goes straight down, or drips, straight down. This means that piss gets right in front of the toilet bowl or even on my shoes. Another stream, if I am lucky, shoots .

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