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We 've discussed a lot about female and G spot, it 's time to talk about male G spot. The prostate, also known as the "P-spot" or the "male G-spot," takes part of theual response cycle in males, and is a key contributor to male. Located adjacent to the anterior rectal wall, it can be stimulated .Men have a g-spot in case you didn 't know, but if you did know and haven 't made use of it in your bedroom activities, you 're missing out. Why are you missing out? Perhaps you think stimulating your man 's spot or having your g-spot stimulated makes you kinky in some kind of undesirable way or that it .If you want to learn more on Male G Spot - How To Reach Prostate, click on the link and check out this amazing guide NOW! 3 Ways To Stimulate His Prostate - Give your guy the BEST!!! How To Reach Prostate - Duration: 4:14..

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    Drawing of the female internalual anatomy. The G-spot 6 is reportedly located 5-8 cm 2-3 in into the vagina, at the side of the urethra 9 and the .

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    Does the G-spot exist? We know the G spot does and we've got expert tips on how to find your G-spot and stimulate it for the best females.

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