Magda Squash

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Identified as having the best flavor of any Mid-East style squash in our trials. Magda 's sweet, nutty flavor is comparable to Zephyr. The blocky, pale-green, .50 days. If you haven 't tried Mediterranean Summer Squash yet, you don 't know what you 're missing! Unlike our rather bland summer varieties, Magda is full-bo.d, tender, and almost nutty. And the plant is so productive, beginning the season early and then bearing steadily over a long time. This lovely Middle Eastern .Light green coloured Cousa type. Beautiful, uniform mid-sized 4" fruit have a creamy green colour and succulent, nutty, white flesh. Magda is early and very productive over a long season. Perfect for stuffing, or any summer squash recipe. Maturity 50 days..