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I have recently been using LSD more and it always is a great experience. What are good ways to make acid trips not last 10+ hours. Would taking lower doses and maybe using benzos or anything things towards the end help out?.Community designated to Lysergic acidthylamide-25 LSD Welcome to this awesome subreddit! Education, Love, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Harm Reduction are our main goals here. We Are NOT a drug market, so please refrain from sourcing. What are you waiting for? Get some relaxing music on, .Hey quick question guys, Normally acid lasts 8-10 hours + afterglow correct? For instance I know my larger shroom trips tend to last about 2 hours longer than normal, but I have heard that on high doses of acid you can be tripping for 24 hours :S. After that, taking a higher dose .What are the bad side effects of taking LSD? You can have a gut-wrenchingly horrible trip. Acid can make you feel scared and confused. You may even have terrifying hallucinations you can 't control - some people felt they were dying over and over, others believed they were drowned in a bath full of .

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