Loot Box Simulator

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About This Game. 2017, many AAA games began to add paid boxes called "loot boxes". So I made a strange simulator about opening boxes with different things. Here you can click on the box, get virtual money for clicks and buy new boxes or open them. When you open the box, you will see that nothing .A dumb joke game in which loot boxes are the loot. Climb the mountain and find the loot box of unknown riches that the prophecy foretold! The 2,018th game in the wildly popular Box Looter series..LootJunkie is a loot box simulator where you can open loot boxes for free!.In Overwatch you level up and earn loot boxes. In this game you earn Overwatch loot boxes very quickly. ----- If you do not play Overwatch then this is what loot boxes are ----- How to play: - Tap the xp button to gain xp - In the bottom it says how much loot boxes are ready to be opened - Press space to open .