Long Squash

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Long Squash Opo squash, Gwa, Bau, Lauki . Long Squash as it is known in Hawaii, came to the islands via the veggie and market gardens of Chinese and Filipino plantation workers. It an elongated found in the market anywhere from 1-2 feet, fat and round, light green with a little stem on one end. It is the fruit of a vine .Like all calabash squashes the Opo needs a long, warm growing season and should be trellised or grown near a vertical support to keep the large fruits off the ground and provide air circulation around them allowing them to grow long and straight. Recipe Ideas Recipes that include Opo Squash. One is easiest, three is .

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    Long squash is often considered to be of African decent but it is also common in Europe and Asia. The long squash is very similar to zucchini and it .

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    Opo Squash. A long narrow variety of squash, very similar to zucchini in flavor, that is often considered to be of African decent, but common in southern Europe and Asia. Grown most often in warmer climates, this squash grows from inches long and inches in diameter..