Legion Free Trial

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My guess is that since you can roll a level one and level to 20 on any inactive account, or roll a level 100 "trial" and run through the Legion landing and continue up until you get an artifact weapon or somewhere prior to level 101, they 're not handing out free gameplay trials as they have in the past..As the title says, I 'm wondering why there isn 't any trial time to try legion. if I remember correct, most expansions had those trial days some months after launch, to try out the next expansion if you didn 't have it bought already. WotLK, Cata, MoP or even WoD had those try for free. And I used them, which .Free Trial characters only go up to 20 meaning it wouldn 't really be showing you any content you hadn 't already seen . For those with an active account, they can create a level 100 "class trial" that can be played for 8 hours or until you get your artifact weapon, whichever comes first. At this point it 's frozen until you use a .Download World of Warcraft for FREE and continue your adventures through Azeroth today! Account Recovery. Can 't remember your account name or password ? Need to remove an authenticator, or have a locked account ? We can help! Upgrade to Legion. Legion is now available! The expansion comes with a wealth of .