Jomashop Fake Watch

No view purchases goods via authorized dealers and will warranty watches purchased from our website. We buy all of our products from authorized dealers and respected industry wholesalers/distributors; therefore we have no pricing restrictions. In turn, we pass the huge savings on to you..At the least macro shots of the watch in question, so that we have a basis for evaluating the veracity of your claims..LOL - I 'm new at this and am looking at the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean for my hubby 's 40th. I 've seen Jomashop mentioned a lot on this site but am confused! I 'm confused by the "grey market" term are watches purchased from Jomashop authentic Omega brand new watches? I am guessing they are .Classic Modern Original. Welcome to /r/Watches, a community for watch horology discussion. Please read our community rules and FAQ before contributing! Replica/counterfeit watch posts and discussion are explicitly forbidden..