Japanese Word For Little Brother

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Otouto never used with "chan" or "kun", except purpose to look him down , "Otouto-san" is used when talking about other person 's brother. Imouto never used with "chan" or "kun", except purpose to look her down , "Imouto-san" is used when talk about other person 's sister..Japan Question Forum: When talking to my little brother You can also say "otouto". This is a word for younger brother. Name-kun is also okay. haha, etc. At least, this is how it used to be. Nowadays, most young Japanese people refer to their father as oto-san etc., even when talking to strangers..Today, let 's continue along with the theme of family members. And in particular we will talk about the bro siblings. If you missed the post on little sisters, then you can find it by clicking here. We 'll talk about all kinds of brothers, but start off with little bros. The Japanese word for little brother sounds an awful lot .

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