Its Deductible Lost My Information

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The new ItsDeductible version has some major problems now and until they are worked out just switch back to the old version see the scr .Intuit, you lost two of my 2015 deductions. I have all the information in TurboTax but would like to keep track of everything in ItsDeductible for the. When I try to import my ItsDeductible information it says you cannot validate my User ID and password but I can use this to login directly to my ItsDeductible account ..Learn about TurboTax ItsDeductible, a free tax deduction tracking software that values non-cash donations to charity to get you a bigger deduction. To determine fair market values, we gather pricing information from auction websites like eBay as well as resale outlets and thrift stores across the U.S .When you prepare your taxes, you can print out a report or you can upload the information to Turbo Tax and the charitable deductions will be automatically updated as you prepare your annual tax return. What I Like About This Software. First, it 's free and useful two of my favorite words . ItsDeductible tracks thousands of .