Interesting Facts About Marfan Syndrome

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Marfan syndrome definition and facts* Marfan syndrome is a disease of connective tissues that is inherited. The severity of Marfan syndrome varies from one individual to another and it typically progresses over time. A tall, slender build is characteristic of Marfan syndrome..

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    This website is all about the genetic disease Marfan Syndrome.

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    Marfan Syndrome isn't something that you can catch from someone, but it is something that parents can hand down to their children through genetics. It is also.

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    Genetic disease: Marfan syndrome is a genetic disease affecting the "connective tissue" in the body, with effects in various organ system. True Marfan syndrome is caused by a mutation in the fibrillin-1 gene, located on chromosome 15. Inheritance is autosomal dominant, and it appears that about 25 are spontaneous mutations..

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    The use of beta-blockers is needed to manage Marfan syndrome. If the aorta is affected, surgery will be needed. The people with Marfan syndrome should avoid the hard exercise. Check Also: 10 Facts about Malpractice. Facts about Marfan Syndrome 7: the rate. Marfan syndrome occurs on one of 3,,000 people in the world..