Im A College Dropout Now What

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Along with that, I picked up a number of frivolous and destructive habits, I lost hope in myself, and now - for lack of better words - I 'm trying to get my shit together. Although Autostraddle doesn 't endorse everybody dropping out of college, the fact remains that sometimes a girl has gotta drop out of college..You may now be wondering, why the hell did I drop out of school if every moment was a privilege? Let me start off by saying it was the hardest decision I 've ever made. Not just for myself, but for my family. My mom, who was brought up in a conservative Korean background, was more excited than I was to .I am a perpetual drop out, quitting, abandoning or changing paths just as many others in my position would be getting comfortable. gotten sick when he was in college and missed 18 months of school. He 's 50 now and a year and half seems like two seconds . I 'm not going to starve. I 'm not going to..I 'm going to give you the cliff notes to a longer article/ebook outline I 've been working on because god for bid you go off and do something stupid like sign up for the military just because you have social anxiety. Here 's a framework for "what to do next" developed by me, a college dropout, as well as far more successful .

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