I Want To Be A Girl So Bad

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Im a 15 yr old boy who wants to be girl so bad i just cant take it anymore everytime i see a good looking girl im becoming so jealous i just want .My name is Sam. I was born male. That was the biggest problem of my life. My brain says that I am female and it makes me sad everday and takes over all my thoughts. I really want to be a girl. I would do ANYTHING to be in a girl 's body. i hate my disgusting horrible masculine body. Whenever I look down .As a man with a high drive who used to lack confidence, I can understand what you 're experiencing. I overcame my fears and learned how to be confident with women, you 'll also benefit from the steps I 'm laying out below. So, lets get started. T .Trust me, it 's not all it 's cracked up to be. And as for trans, they will never know what it is truly like to be a female, to have a uterus, a clit, periods, ovulation. You can 't just pick and choose. If I had a choice I would 've been male. But I 'm not. And God made me female for a reason and I appreciate who I am and .