I Just Dropped Out Of College Now What

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A few weeks ago, I saw on r/relationships that there was a girl who 'd just dropped out of college. Her parents were Now that you 've made a similar decision and are dealing with two parents who sound absolutely out of their minds, what 's going to be critical for you in this time is this: Learn how to take care .I 'm going to give you the cliff notes to a longer article/ebook outline I 've been working on because god for bid you go off and do something stupid like sign up for the military just because you have social anxiety. Here 's a framework for "what to .Every moment was a privilege. You may now be wondering, why the hell did I drop out of school if every moment was a privilege? Let me start off by saying it was the hardest decision I 've ever made. Not just for myself, but for my family. My mom, who was brought up in a conservative Korean background, .I never considered myself a "drop out" things just didn 't work out the way I expected. I did 4 years of college, but ended up owing some money. Since I was unable to pay at the time, I couldn 't finish off the 12 credit hours needed to graduate. So I 've been out of school now for 5 years. Over the last 5 years: .