How To Tell If You Have A Cavity

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Do I Have A Cavity? 6 Symptoms to Watch Out For. Bad Breath. If tooth decay is ignored, bacteria will proliferate, leading to bad breath. Bad Taste. Gargle with mouthwash and brush your teeth and tongue to rid the bad taste in your mouth. Tooth Pain. Tooth Sensitivity. Dark Spots. Holes. Pus..Once the decay has progressed enough to reach the softer tissues inside the tooth, where the dentin and nerves are, you might notice signs of a cavity. Your teeth might feel irritating the nerves. Even if you don 't have a cavity, if you have sensitive teeth, you are likely to feel more sensation when you eat sugary foods..If you are experiencing tooth pain you may not be able to determine if you have a cavity or not. It might be something that is not severe at all, such as tooth sensitivity. Or it may indicate a serious health issue, such as an infection. Do not wait until the pain becomes worse..