How To Tell If Fish Is Cooked

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The fish should be opaque not translucent like when it 's raw and break easily into flakes when you nudge it with a fork. If the meat is still translucent and it doesn 't flake, it needs more time..

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    Fish will continue to cook for a minute or two off the heat. Be sure to stop cooking when the fish is just shy of done; otherwise, it will overcook by the time you serve it. Use the tip of a small knife to peek at the interior of the fish. Many cookbooks tell you to cook fish until it flakes; this is too long..

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    Many older fish recipes will tell you to cook the fish until it flakes: by that time, the fish may start to dry out. The ultimate check for doneness is to peek into the center of the .

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    With a spatula, carefully transfer each cooked piece of fish to the paper towels to drain. Flip the fish to drain both sides. Keep the cooked fish warm on a baking sheet in the oven while cooking the remaining fish. Get the recipe: Pan-Fried Fish with Peppers and Pecans. If you're craving crunchy deep-fried fish, click here for how-to instructions..

  • The Easiest Way To Tell If Your Fish Is Properly Cooked

    When you're preparing a nice fish dinner, the 10-minute rule can help you estimate how long your piece of fish needs to be cooked. If you think your fish is ready .