How To Say Best Friend In Japanese

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When it comes to personal/social relations, Japanese is more delicate than most other languages in the world. 'buddy '; 'long acquaintance '; 'close friend '; slangish way of saying 'close friend '; 'partner '; 'partner of a duo '; 'friend or more but less than a lover ' .A friend is: a tomodachior yjin A good close friend is: a shin-y So it 's possible to have many shin-y, depending on your personality. A "best" friend would be: ichiban no shin-y, or literally, "my number one good friend".Friend, Tomodachi, Learn Japanese words and expressions, how to speak Japanese, help. + Friend +. I 'm not talking about the TV sitcom Friends, though this TV show has long been popular in Japan. This time, I want you to learn how to say friend in japanese. tomodachi one 's best friend; confidant .