How To Play Tracer

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I only played her a little in quick play a little after the game came out. And I remember I was awful with her But now I 'm considering using her more often because I 've seen people destroy with tracer getting a huge amount of eliminations and slaughtering the team. and I want to do well with her..Today in Overwatch, I 'll be showing you how to play Tracer with some tips and tricks on how to do better with .Updated 5th October 2016: Our essential Tracer guide contains ability and strategy tips, counter advice, and everything else you need to play her like a pro. Tracer 's one of the truly unique Heroes in Overwatch - even taking into account the game 's impressive roster of colourful characters - and she very quickly became the .Let 's leap in the fight, luv! Learn how to use the time-twisting abilities of Tracer..

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