How To Make Xanax

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I already have all the ingre.nts plus press jst need to no how much of each goes int each pill. My psychiatrist will allow me only 2 2mg Xanax a day. Also, where do I purchase the alprazolam for the mix and where do I get a press ?.If you are planning to use a hand press and Xanaxs onto make Xanax and resell them, don 't bother. Hand presses will make crumbly shitty pills and no one will buy from you after the first few shit pills. Just order from a trusted manufacturers like /u/Alpraking or his resellers, they seem to be on top right .Cannabis makes me: ______ all , Kiefish, 2,408, 40, 06/22/10 12:48 PM by sun_spots. *, Anyway to bring down xanax high? all , skatealex2, 6,060, 46, 01/28/11 02:56 AM by plasma. *, Is it possible to make LSD from LSA? all , thejesterjester, 17,002, 110, 04/04/09 10:58 AM.