How To Link Weakaura In Chat

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Open WeakAuras by typing "/wa" or "/weakauras" in chat. Export-Menu. Right click on the aura name. In the menu choose "Export to string" Export-Window. In the black box, copy the code snippet using Ctrl+C. Click Done. Paste the code snippet to your location of choice Examples:, Pastebin, your website, .I have a weakaura for when Hand of Protection is cast on me. It shows a little icon and sends a message to raid chat saying "Hand of Protection cast on me" Actions > On Show > Message . Does anyone know if there 's any way I could make the "Hand of Protection" portion of the text be a clickable spell link, .Im not very familiar with WA, but is it possible to load a WA text string through a chat message? We are making a little miniguide for emerald nightmare, and i would like to be able to activate or deactivate the display of the guide through a code-word in the chat..How to Export and Import Auras..