How To Keep Urine Warm In A Pill Bottle

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Yes there is a temp. strip, when I was hired along with other employees, one was using a hand warmer, after taking the test, they said the temp. was to high. I figured I 'd be in a room with a shut door and I would just pull out my pill bottle, quietly open it, pour in the sub urine, close the pill bottle quietly, and .What way could i keep the piss room tempature? And would the hand warm be effective threw a medicine bottle? the hand warmers can make it too warm if left on the bottle over a prolonged period of time, I done this once with the hand warmers and when i poured the piss out it had turned like a really .Do you need to pass a urine drug test? Keeping urine at the right temperature is crucial in passing your test. We have listed a number of ways to .