How Often Can You Take Acid

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Put it this way Satsuma, if you are grounded, captain of your own ship, have absolutely no mental problems that unhinge you, real LSD can be taken a lot. I remember when I was younger taking one hit one day, two the next, four the next, and eight the next. I could do that quite often. What happens is it gets .A few months ago I was what you may call an "LSD Junkie", I tripped too often and for the wrong reasons. Three and four times a week, days in a row, it was ridiculous. I wasnt getting any sleep, and it showed. I cant pinpoint any certain effects of heavy LSD use but personally I can say that it made me very .Its fun at first but tripping over and over again within short intervals of time can start to take a toll. The acid will start to get bazaar and kind of fucky with you if you really trip often. And eventually, at least with me, the acid sort of "looses the magic", not in a permanent sense. If you subject yourself to any drug .The active ingre.nt in LSD and shrooms is psycolin or something .but yeah, both build up immunity quickly. 14 tabs won 't make you trip because it builds it up like, BAM! But if you take one of some super acid it doesn 't wait, that doesn 't make sense. Maybe you got dud acid? Shit, 14 tabs is a lot too..