How Much Money Did I Make Last Year

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Part of wise financial planning is knowing how much money you make. Identifying the precise amount of gross earnings as well as what you actually take home following deductions will allow you to predict the amount of cash flow you will have on an ongoing basis. With that knowledge you can create an effective budget .This is a FAFSA4caster question. This question cannot be left blank. Enter your and your spouse 's total amount of earnings from work in the last calendar year. Add up the earnings from the W-2 form and any other earning statements. If your income earned from work is: .Translate How much money did you make last year. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations..I need to know exactly what amount I got back in child dependent on my taxes. How much did I have to make last year to file for my taxes. How much money did I have to make last year to file for my taxes and also I have a dependent. Am I filing wrong?i got back so much last year this year i owe because my child is grown..