How Much Does Dr Nassif Charge For Rhinoplasty

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A Rhinoplasty do-over. Thousands of people decide to get a nose job rhinoplasty every year. Due to the rising costs of safe plastic surgery procedures, some people seek out less costly options with dreadful results. unfortunately, some patients are dissatisfied with their appearance after a correctly performed surgery..The price of a rhinoplasty can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include your surgeon 's geographic location, amount of .Dr. Donald Yoo offers an informative overview of the patient experience including consultation pricing as well as preparation for surgical procedures performed at his Dr. Nassif 's consultations - $1,000 credited towards the cost of the surgery DO NOT DRIVE following surgery until cleared by Dr. Nassif or his staff..40 reviews of Paul S Nassif, MD "I had reconstructive rhinoplasty with Dr Nassif and super happy with the results. He is down to earth and honest about He ended up making my nose much bigger and then my insurance wouldn 't pay for it because they doubted Nassif 's integrity. Nassif used my case and my name on .