How Many Shots To Get Buzzed

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One or two shots will give me a buzz. The amount other people are posting on this thread will have me drunk. There is a big difference especially for OP 's intents and purposes. Your weight and age will obviously effect your tolerance. I think two or three shots will give you a buzz unless you 're +230lbs or .~10 ounces of alcohol over an hour and a half period wouldn 't get you shit faced, but should get you pretty buzzed I think ~6 shots of his favorite liquor gets him right where he wants to be..It depends how much you eat before drinking and you should wait a lil bit before each shot as the alcohol is still being absorbed into your blood hours later. So for example if you down 3 shots and wait 5 minutes and nothing happens, then you down another 3 it will suddenly start to hit you and it will get .