How Many Shots Of Tequila

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Quote: A "shot" of Tequila is 1.25 ounces of alcohol. The average 200 pound male can have 3-4 shots of tequila in one hour and will be legally intoxicated. Your body metabolizes one ounce of alcohol per hour - so you would need to have an additional shot per hour or so to maintain the buzz..I must 've drunk like 15-20 shots without realizing it. You probably "feel it", and just don 't know what it is that you feel. Someone watered down your tequila, then. 10 shots is plenty..It depends how fast I drink them. I 'm more of a beer drinker, but when it comes to tequila shots I 'll drink anywhere between . 3 shots usually has me a hair past buzzed. And a story? I hate telling stories but I 'll tell you about the last time I had tequila, I suppose. The last time I drank tequila Saturday, I .