How Long Is A Will Good For

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In general a Will is valid until your, but there are a few exceptions. If you were married at the time you made a Will and then later got a divorce, in most states either your entire Will was revoked or the portions of your Will that gave property to your former spouse were revoked by the divorce. The remaining portions of .Common requirements are the signature of the testator -- the person the will belongs to -- or a representative asked by the testator to sign the document and the signature of witnesses. If all of the witnesses required to sign the will under law before the testator, the will may not be valid for probate, the legal proceeding .Wills are perpetual by nature, which means once the testator proofs and validates his will, it will never terminate. In this regard, a will can never actually "expire," and there is no restriction that limits the time during which a will is still valid. However, there are certain ways a testator can terminate the validity of his will during .