How Long Does Nexium Take To Work

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I know everyone reacts differently to medication, but I am wondering for those that take 40mg Nexium, how long were you taking it until you felt some relief? I had a chronic cough for 5 weeks, and was diagnosed with bronchitis and ashtma. I went for a second opinion, and the doctor now thinks it is GERD..

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    Nexium 40 mg delayed release dosage. 19 warnings about nexium. 20 nexium 10 mg price. 21 best time to take nexium 20 mg. 22 can taking nexium too long..

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    Nexium is now available as a generic in 20 mg doses. Cost is around $46.00 mo. if you need to take 40 mg daily! Purchasing it OTC does not contribute to your donut .

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